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End of Year Update

I am about to restart the Virgin Diet plan, going through the three weeks of avoiding all seven high-FI foods and then retesting dairy, gluten, soy and eggs. Before I do, here's a look at how I did this year.

I started out at 206.6 pounds on January 3 and am now down to 191.6 this morning. At my lowest point in the year, August 14, I was down to 185.2, or just over 20 pounds. Some of the regained weight comes from the muscle I've been building by beginning weight lifting in September, when my son, Kung Fu Panda, started preschool.

Here's a visual look at my progress, comparing shots from January with shots from this morning:

Week 1 - FrontFront - 12/31/13
From the front, I clearly have a more defined waist

Week 1 - Left SideLeft Side - 12/31/13
From the side, I have a flatter belly

Week 1 - BackBack - 12/31/13
My overall body composition is looking better from the back

Week 1 - Facial Close-UpClose-up - 12/31/13
My face is a lot thinner

The jeans I wore in January's pictures got so big I had to give them away and replace them with the pants I'm wearing in today's shots.

Now a comparison of my measurements:

             1/6/13      12/31/13
Neck:    13 1/2"         13"
Bicep:   11 3/4"         11"
Chest:   40"              36 1/2"
Waist:   34"              30 1/2"
Hips:     42 1/2"        38 1/2"
Thigh:   19 1/4"       19"
Belly:     43"            38"

And here's a comparison of measurements from my body composition scale, as compared to when I purchased it, on January 23:

            1/23/13 12/31/13
Fat:        39.5      37.7
Water:    35.0     36.9
Muscle:  32.4      32.4
Bone:      4.0        4.0

According to the charts provided by the scale, for my age range, my fat ratio is still in the overweight category but moving closer towards healthy levels (23.1-34). My water ratio, though better, is still a bit low for my age (so I definitely need to continue to work on it). Also according to the instruction booklet, it is a good sign that I am reducing my fat ratio while maintaining my muscle ratio. According to the scale, I should be striving to increase my bone density by eating green leafy vegetables and fish and engaging in regular exercise.

So that's where I stand currently. My goals for the new year, in addition to going through the Virgin Diet cycle again, are to increase my exercise and to drink more water.

Good luck with any of your goals, whether fitness or otherwise!
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